Greene King Seasonal Clunkers

2 thoughts on “Greene King Seasonal Clunkers”

  1. don’t mind alepril fool it’s weak pun but harmless does have nothing to with beer though. As for the other one well moving swiftly on.

  2. What pisses me off more than the weak puns etc (ooh look, we’ve used a word that’s a bit like “wanker” & “tackle” which may refer to a chap’s genitalia) is the false-micro style of these beers – just where is this mythical Westgate Brewery? Are GK embarrassed by their co. which has been around since 1799?

    Or are they not content with their already sizeable range of false-guest beers from the breweries they’ve either closed down (or inherited after others have closed them) – Hardy & Hanson, Ridley’s, Tolly Cobbold, Morland’s (Speckled Hen), Ruddles, etc, etc – all brewed at Greene King’s Westgate Brewery, Bury St Edmunds.

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