Yet Another Supportive Email

It seems our appearance in the Guardian‘s Word Of Mouth  is still being discovered.

Here’s another supportive email.

The sender wishes to remain anonymous.


I actually work for a pump clip manufacturer, and I personally am a real ale drinker and member of CAMRA.

I always try to taste any new customer’s beers, and also do a little promotion of their ales on the Facebook and Twitter pages. BUT I won’t, for personal choice, taste any that have seen fit to try to sell their beers with sexist images.

We have had to tell one brewery that the image they wanted on their clips was homophobic, and that they were leaving themselves open to prosecution. They changed the images/names of the beer, but I still knew how they felt so I didn’t try their beers when they came to my local.

It’s a shame that they feel sex/smutty humour sells, when in fact a simple piece of artwork on a pump clip, when well done sells a lot better. These breweries should try their designs first before spending their hard cash, they would sell more beer. I would definitely try them.

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