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Shep’s “Bottle of Britain” campaign – an update

In the early days of Pumpclip Parade we featured the ghastly and deeply unfunny “Bottle of Britain” advertising campaign by Shepherd Neame. You can find the original post here. There was some debate at the time as to whether or not the images were actually published. While busy procrastinating recently […]


Batemans “Veto Ale”

Batemans “Veto Ale”. Thanks to everyone who spotted this one. Can some brave person please set foot in a Wetherspoons and grab a real picture?

Brewdog – Sense of Humour Failure.

The Brewdog boys are competing with a German brewery to produce the world’s strongest beer. Brewdog’s latest offering is “Sink the Bismarck”. The reference is of course to the German battleship the plucky Brits sank in 1942. If you are tempted to have a snigger at the name of the […]

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