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Northumberland Brewery – “Summer Gold”

Northumberland Brewery “Summer Gold”. The brewery’s website is worth a look (by masochists.) Thanks to Andy Mogg for the picture.

Holden’s Brewery – “Flo Jangles”

Holden’s Brewery “Flo Jangles”. Thanks to Stuart Ross for the pic. It seems Holdens might produce quite a range of atrocities – check here. Keep your eyes peeled.

Warwickshire Beer Company – “Ffiagra”

“Ffiagra” by Warwickshire Beer Company. Thanks to Ed Wray of http://edsbeer.blogspot.com/ for the image (2010). Thanks also to Jonny Robins for the updated image (2017).


York Brewery – “Stocking Filler”

York Brewery – “Stocking Filler” Geddit? “Stocking filler” is a little extra prezzie, such as a bottle of beer. It is also a contrived description of a young lady far too scantily cla…. oh I give up.


You’ll catch your death going out like that # 1456

You’ll catch your death going out like that Originally uploaded by bltphoto A dubious Christmas Offering from a cross the water (Belgium) courtesy of Pete Brown. A Kelly Brook look a like who as always ordered her Santa costume 4 sizes to small. By the Duwac Brewery.

Hart Brewery

       Hi Jeff, Pump Clip Parade is a great idea.  I’m sure you’ve seen these already, but Hart Brewery would appear to be the biggest offenders of the lot, and I’ve attached a bunch.  Their (horrific) site is here : http://www.hartbreweryltd.co.uk/ The “Squirrel’s Hoard” clip in particular boggles […]


Oh Please!!: Coney Island “Albino Python”

Oh Please! Originally uploaded by bltphoto This is doubly (dubbely seen as it’s a beer!) poor throughout tortured visual pun Tick pneumatic babe tick shame as the art work is reminiscent of Bryan Talbot of Luther Arkwright fame. Seem to remember that beer was ok though.

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