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Hornbeam Brewery – “Heather Mission Inflatable”

Heather Mission Inflatable by Hornbeam Brewery.   Thanks to Mick Potts of the brilliant Free Trade Inn, the poshest pub in Newcastle upon Tyne.    

Blakemere Brewery “Freshly Squeezed.”

Blakemere Brewery “Freshly Squeezed.” What exactly have been squeezed? Oh, I get it snurfle, snurfle. We should be thankful they didn’t call it “Fleshly Squeezed.”  


Stupidly, I looked at the Northumberland Brewery Website

Could the Northumberland Brewery have beaten the Hart Brewery to the title “The Worst Beer Branding in the UK”? [Have a look at this for jaw-dropping gormlessness]

Northumberland Brewery – “Summer Gold”

Northumberland Brewery “Summer Gold”. The brewery’s website is worth a look (by masochists.) Thanks to Andy Mogg for the picture.

Holden’s Brewery – “Flo Jangles”

Holden’s Brewery “Flo Jangles”. Thanks to Stuart Ross for the pic. It seems Holdens might produce quite a range of atrocities – check here. Keep your eyes peeled.


Warwickshire Beer Company – “Ffiagra”

“Ffiagra” by Warwickshire Beer Company. Thanks to Ed Wray of http://edsbeer.blogspot.com/ for the image (2010). Thanks also to Jonny Robins for the updated image (2017).