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“Sexy” Beer Labels

Here’s a US news article spotted by Kristy McCready. http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/cityofate/2011/02/15_sexy_beer_labels.php

“St Patrick’s Irish Stout” by Fallen Angel Brewery

St Patrick’s Irish Stout by Fallen Angel Brewery. Thanks to Matt Gorecki ( @briggatebeer ) for the pic.

Blakemere Brewery “Bobby Dazzler”

Blakemere Brewery’s “Bobby Dazzler”. I suppose we should be thankful they didn’t call it “Booby Dazzler”. Thanks to Ben Steel for the pic. *image update: Thanks to @brewshack_jon


Carry On Beer Drinking?

Found you this little bundle of joy from Skinny Blonde – they use thermochromic ink that makes the bikini disappear as the beer warms up……class [JP: not really real-ale but if it puts beer in general in a bad light it’s worth including. Thanks]

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