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Vale of Glamorgan Brewery – “Tiger Would”

  Vale of Glamorgan Brewery – “Tiger Would” Thanks go to Caspar Gray (who spotted it on the Blood, Stout and Tears blog) and several other people for this spot.

Fallen Angel Brewery

Fallen Angel Brewery. It’s very hard to work out the beer’s name. It must be something like “raised-a-catholic brewer’s sex fantasy.”   For the full horror of this brewery’s pumpclips visit their website. I rather like “smiling woman in her knickers about to shoot dogs.”

Holden’s Brewery – “Flo Jangles”

Holden’s Brewery “Flo Jangles”. Thanks to Stuart Ross for the pic. It seems Holdens might produce quite a range of atrocities – check here. Keep your eyes peeled.

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