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Milton Brewery – “Dr Oh”

Milton Brewery – “Dr Oh”. Spotted by @Bodie15 Just imagine the fee – if the rights holder was to allow it – to use an image from a James Bond film to brand a beer.

Seb’s Pale Ale

Taken from a promotional mailshot to UK brewers from a German company . Spotted and brought to Pumpclip Parade’s attention by people too numerous to mention individually.


Lighthouse Brewery – “Cheeky Little Lager”

Lighthouse Brewery – “Cheeky Little Lager”. Spotted by @BeertiqueNZ and @Clayfiish  


Dorpsbrouwerij de Pimpelmeesch – “Vurige Non” (Fiery Nun)

Dorpsbrouwerij de Pimpelmeesch – “Vurige Non” (Fiery Nun). Submitted by @TheAleTrail.