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Salamander Brewing Company – “Kinky Troll”

Salamander Brewing Company – “Kinky Troll” Spotted by @Atombearbrew and @BrassCastleBeer We were reluctant to give this one a post as it’s difficult identify and summarise what is wrong with it. There’s nothing special about the graphic design, but nothing particularly bad; no Comic Sans; there’s no sexism; there’s no clunking wordplay […]

Wylam Brewery – “Shot Pit”

Wylam Brewery – “Shot Pit”. Yes, we know the production of shot was an important part of our industrial history and that shot was produced in pits and towers. We also know you selected “shot pit” for it’s spooneristic value rather than a celebration of what is a dull detail […]

Lymestone Brewery – “Sharon Stone”

Lymestone Brewery – “Sharon Stone” This image was submitted by Ian Bradford of …. LYMESTONE BREWERY! It seems Mr Bradford was impressed by the boost to sales Slater’s received when their “Top Totty” hit the national news. Here the Staffordshire Newsletter‘s  report on this atrocity. Notice the very last line, […]

Idle Brewery

  Idle Brewery – “Idle Sod”, “Idle Tongue” and “Idle Landlord”. Spotted by James Howarth.

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