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Against The Grain Brewing – “The Brown Note”

Against The Grain Brewery – “The Brown Note”. “So good it WILL make you shit yourself”  apparently. Spotted by @Beerymatt

Six Bells Brewery – “Cockchafer”

Six Bells Brewery – “Cockchafer.” Yes, we know it’s a kind of beetle. Yes, we know you chose it for a beer name because it’s got “cock” in it. Submitted by @Neopog

Tring Brewery – “Fanny Ebbs”

Tring Brewery – “Fanny Ebbs”. Submitted by Karen Whickam (@mrsbeerymatt) who comments: “I’m getting a bit tired of the ‘Can I have a pint of your Fanny?’ jokes.”    

Batemans – “Hooker”

Batemans Brewery – “Hooker”– “Have you Got The Balls For It?” Spotted by @alcofrolicchap Let’s be thankful they didn’t use “testic-ales”.

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