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Stop me and buy one……

Went to Leeds beer festival in Pudsey on Friday, it was really good, nice and friendly, not too crowded (lots of seats hallelujah!) decent scran and of course excellent beer. Not sure if it’s a regular feature but they had an emphasis on Milds which was interesting and refreshing. Like […]


So what DO you like ?: 2nd batch

Look brewers this is just someone’s homebrew and it’s got a cool label much better than most of the “will this do old tut” we feature on here usually. Here’s the chap responsible. @cheeeseboigerbaby faced assassin india pale ale. I imagine the beer inside is interesting too – double bubble!


So what DO you like? : an occasional series

Having posted lots of examples of the grimness of beer beer taps, I received a link to this page the other day and thought some examples of appealing  labels might be a good idea. I appreciate they are not beer brands but the simplicity and pared down style of these cheese labels […]

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