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C’mon Engerland! World Cup Football “Fun” with Pumpclips

Thanks to Stoph McBride and Dave “Hardknott” Bailey for their commitment to atrocity-spotting. And thank you very bloody much to Andy Mogg for making me go into Netto for the “Back of the Netto” pic.


Greene King Seasonal Clunkers

AlePril Fool eh? Just who – I want names – gets any humour from this tortuous crock of punning shit?


Oh Please!!: Coney Island “Albino Python”

Oh Please! Originally uploaded by bltphoto This is doubly (dubbely seen as it’s a beer!) poor throughout tortured visual pun Tick pneumatic babe tick shame as the art work is reminiscent of Bryan Talbot of Luther Arkwright fame. Seem to remember that beer was ok though.

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