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Blue Bee Brewery – “Hoe-Hoe-Hoe”

Blue Bee Brewery – “Hoe-Hoe-Hoe” Not the worst pumpclip ever but the gag is a bit of a facepalm. Submitted by BLUE BEE BREWERY! What jolly good sports!


Three B’s Brewery – “Santa’s Skinful”

Santa’s Skinful by Three B’s [bees on the label – geddit?] Brewery. I suppose we should be grateful it’s not called “Santa’s Sackful”.


York Brewery – “Stocking Filler”

York Brewery – “Stocking Filler” Geddit? “Stocking filler” is a little extra prezzie, such as a bottle of beer. It is also a contrived description of a young lady far too scantily cla…. oh I give up.

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