World’s campest dog gets beer named in his honour

World campest dog get’s beer named in his honour
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Thought we’d have an example of good practice for a change. Also gives me a chance to big up one of the most pampered pooches around!
Naming beers after dogs has a long pedigree with dogs and pubs going even further back. So the occasional brew named in honour of the brewer’s favourite hound is all to the good. This IPA from Kelham has a nice mocked up painted picture of the eponymous Captain (seemingly smoking a cheroot*)  on the clip and the IPA by all accounts is excellent too.

“We’ll have another one please barman and have you got a bowl for wee lad here?”

* it’s a dog chew actually – pig’s pizzle ed

Star fact file: Captain is only his stage name he was demoted after being rescued and thrown into the showbiz spotlight he used to be a “Colonel”! FACT.

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