We are not alone.

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  1. Thanks much for the shout-out! These are some really good pieces of writing, and as for people who say they are not influenced by label art… That’s delusion. Our choices, on a deep, neuroscientific level, are influenced by lots of things, and we are not aware of most of them.

    As that great Allgates post puts it, the challenge is to say something that suggests your beer or brewery’s character, so that people know what they are getting. If your suggestion is “we are a bunch of lewd chauvinist pigs,” you are unlikely to be doing your brand any favors at all. If your suggestion is “we can’t even be bothered to check our punctuation,” what conclusion can we draw about the effort you put into your beer?

    Partly, we’re all spoiled since so few breweries are failing right now. But eventually some good brewers will find the price of not paying attention to their brand to be a rather steep one.

  2. Just read the Guardian article and found my way here. I can only agree with you. Good beer deserves good beer labels to overcome the lack of marketing budgets. Imagination doesn’t cost much and if little upstarts like Magic Rock can do it surely others can. Some pumpclips are that bad I’m not even going to try the beer but even Brewdog seem to be failing lately with the Front Brew label and the terribly named Bitch Please. The only reason I can see for the poor humour is that it seems funny after a few pints of the beer you’re trying to name

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