Tunnel Brewery – “Rodger The Goblin”

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  1. I don’t know why anyone would use anal rape to sell any kind of product. Some readers of this website may be interested to know that Tunnel brew a beer named Nelson’s Column. The tale behind this brew, published on the Tunnel website, makes reference to Nelson’s special balls and his erection.

  2. I suppose that if you want a clip to say “We’re a bunch of complete f-ing idiots” this one does the job well. And WTF is with an Xmas “goblin”?

  3. sad thing is that this was at the manchester winter ales festival on wed 18th jan typical of the crap shite that camra still seem quite willing to support

  4. It is kind of amusing. And it helps that Santa looks a bit like Richard Griffiths.

    Check out the new range of beers from Tunnel Brewery with a wildlife twist – I did all the artwork myself – and they have a much more wholesome, Wind in the Willows vibe going on.

    They should be available soon – I’d like to know what you think (mainly of the labels).

    1. Hello, this is a fine ale and I hae drink many pints of it over the year’s, one time I was in bed and woke up and there was a horse in the bed and I think I had sex with the horse, would this be suitale for a pump clip, I was thinking it would be a mid-strencth 4.8% traditional bitter and the name would be “Roger The Horse Sexer” or “Too Much To Drink, Roger, Had Sex With Horse!”

      Would love to hear your feedbacks

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