That’ll be pigswill then….

4 thoughts on “That’ll be pigswill then….”

  1. I had this in The Two Pigs in Corsham last June. I think it might be the house beer there, perhaps accounting for the name. Sadly the half I tried was pretty awful. They also had some local Box Steam Brewery beers though, which were lovely as well as having classy pumpclips.

  2. erm it’s called “pig swill” which last time I checked wasn’t a cheery term of endearment. “How’s the tea in canteen today?” “Oh the usual pig swill”…
    Although maybe Beerprole reviews shows it’s well truthfully named .

  3. Unfortunately it’s a bit of an insipid beer – with a name like that I’d have expected something a bit more down and dirty, with a bit of thickness to the body. Its actually a very tame amber ale, especially for 4%. If you’ve ever fed pigs its a bit like mushed up weetabix.

    Richard @theroyalalbert

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