Springhead “Rupert’s Ruin”

Springhead “Rupert’s Ruin”
As Rupert Murdoch has been in the news just a bit recently, a bit of topical newspaper-magnate baiting would be understandable. But no, what do we have here? Rupert Bear.
So what’s it trying to say? The much-loved children’s character Rupert Bear was afflicted by alcoholism, particularly a fondness for Springhead’s beer?Perhaps we are supposed to “geddit”.

“Rupert eh, you think we mean the bear, but really it’s Murdoch. Hur hur snurfle snurfle.”

Nah, it’s just bollocks.

3 thoughts on “Springhead “Rupert’s Ruin””

  1. well seeing as though this beer’s been out ages its not going to have anything to do with the Murdoch disaster is it?

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