Shep’s Legendary “Bottle of Britain” Campaign.

A selection from the book of Shepherd Neame’s legendary “Bottle of Britain” campaign.

Should you wish to see the whole set, the book is available from their giftshop priced at £5.00.


13 thoughts on “Shep’s Legendary “Bottle of Britain” Campaign.”

  1. Shows Brewdog weren’t the first brewery to have controversial marketing. I’m sure it was done because it got people talking about the brand. People are still talking about it here. It is unbelievably bad though.

  2. Very sad. Actually, I almost took a photo of the “No Fokker comes close” one last Wednesday, seen in a Yorkshire-themed bar here in Muenster. Owned and run by a German who is a member of CAMRA, I might add.

  3. I am confident that the pictures are genuine. I was sent this full set as a justification as to why BrewDog were not wrong in their latest beer name. Whilst funny in private, it is not the way any company making money should act. This was also my thought process when I saw the Spitfire adverts originally, my opinion has not changed.

  4. They came out with an ad campaign during World Cup 2006 with this cr*p; I was appalled, not least because anyone trying to link a) anti-German bollocks and b) pissed up Brits was likely to be making a rod for their own backs due to inevitable aggro in Germany caused by Engerland fans.

    Their response was that it was ‘just a bit a fun’. Never drunk any Shepherd Neame since. Only option left to me, sadly.

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