Piddle in a bottle

I was Invited along to Pete Brown’s birthday bash and fishing around in his wonderfully generous ice bucket of beery remainders ,a real hotch potch of gems and lumps of solid green (one other bottle actually smelt of stagnant pond water) I fell upon this bottle.

Now the simple label may have won me over but well just because your brewery is the town of Piddle* ….

Sadly I was distracted (it was an excellent party) and didn’t manage to drink any “piddle” but it seems they have a whole range of urine based beer names. Their seasonal beers are equally scatalogical so they seem determined to micturate over their good work producing “fruity winterberry finishes” and “light zingy floral and blackcurrent hop flavours”
* one can only imagine the horrors if they had opened up their brew house in Penistone, Wombwell or Twatt!

2 thoughts on “Piddle in a bottle”

  1. Man o man…not only a terrible label, but a terrible colour scheme too. It scream ‘done at home on my 1994 printer’. I mean, why bother?

  2. I like the way they’ve told a designer “do it modern”. I dislike the way the’ve thought “Piddle eh? It’s a larf innit? Let’s stick with it, it’ll fly off the shelves”.

    I have a picture of the old “design”. I guess I’ll add it to this post.

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