21 thoughts on “Nobby’s Ha’p’ny Ginger Dip

  1. Kind of inevitable. We’re 18 months max away from a beer called “A Man With His Cock Out”. The pumpclip will not feature fowl of any kind.

  2. the MD of Marston’s was right, clearly. The ultimate beer name for some in the UK would have to Knackered Old Cripple Cock – god knows what the clip would be mind.

  3. Well Anonymous (why the anonymous comment if you believe in your views?) why does Nobby hide good beer behind such a grim label?

  4. Don’t understand the problem with this. Please tell me exactly what the issue is here. I know Nobby, that’s his nickname, his beers are great.

  5. Well Fawny, could you please have a word with your mate Nobby and tell him this pumpclip is vile and it’s an insult to all those trying to raise the profile of good beer.

    And don’t you dare offer the “it’s just a larf innit?” defence.

  6. First time I looked at it, I thought it was a close up of someone’s head, then I looked closely. OMFG, pass the wire brush and Dettol…

  7. I will indeed ask Nobby, funny though for something so “offensive” to some of you, you had to look REALLY CAREFULLY to see it…….

  8. Fawny: Mate, it’s shit. Maybe the beer’s great, but the clip’s just shit. That’s the problem. See?

  9. Nobby’s beers are forgettable so I’m sure the intention behind this shit pumpclip was to create something “memorable”.

  10. The Flasher’s Defence.

    Put it away, Matthew: nobody wants to see your winkie, regardless of what proportion of the population have one.

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