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  1. That,s alright my lovers, Badgers Spit be named well before cows where invented!
    See Zider be better in zafeer than milk to drink down zee’s parts by babs.
    Let the delight of Badgers Spit ooze down zee throat and very merry be, you’ll be.
    You are welcome lol.. 😉

  2. Surely making some kind of point about the badger cull is the intention of the name, so it’s deliberate (if maybe in bad taste), not an unfortunate coincidence.

  3. Don’t be so silly, I have produced this cider for over 5 years under that label and I have recently been interviewed by Roger Haribin on Radio 4 as to how it got its name!
    It was named by a pub landlord Jeremy Wescott of the Bell Inn, Buckland Dinham for a cider festival and the barrel sold out first!
    Anyhow if you don’t like it, you know what you can do Curmudgeon (what the hell name is that anyhow, do you happen to lick windows by any chance?) lol.. 😛

    1. Paul, resorting to ad hominem attacks is at instant sign that you’ve completely lost the argument. If that’s the best you’ve got, I hope your cider isn’t as piss-poor as your skills at defending your case.

  4. Firstly, that’s not actually the proper pump clip, but an improvisation of a label by the landlord (or other bar staff). Secondly, as Paul Chant rightly states, the name is over 5 years old. The origin of which is well documented in several key cider texts and online if you care to take a little time to do some research.

    For the record the name “Badger’s Spit” has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the culling of badgers and neither was it purposefully intended to antagonise. And, whilst I agree there are plenty of names featured on this blog that are both misguided and intentionally offensive (visually or otherwise), “Badger’s Spit” does not deserve to be amongst them!

    And, although not to my personal taste (I’m not a cider drinker), Badger’s Spit is in fact highly sought after with a large and loyal following who are evidently not-so-easily offended.

    If you take offence to a unique, memorable, but innocuous name then that’s entirely your choice, but at least get your facts correct first. Personally, I believe there are far more important things in life to be getting upset about.

    1. JCL: do you genuinely think any supermarket buyer would feature a product on its shelves called “Badger Spit”? Of course not. That’s the reason it’s a stupid name. Stop trying to defend it.

    2. Martiyn Cornell, its obvious that you don’t get out into the real world enough, you are probably still living with your mother and all you can do is criticise, whinge and moan whilst hiding behind her apron strings!, if I where to tell you the truth about badgers in our orchards you would probably go cry to mummy and have to have a special treat of mummy milk for which you are more likely than not still on.
      Why don’t you come here an see for yourself how Badgers Spit is produced, using no chemicals what so ever in the process, not even to wash the now over 100 years old barrels, just using oxygen and water.
      Being made exactly the same way and using the same natural process as way back in 1919 and even as far back as in the medieval times and then beyond that to the Roman times.
      Its arduous, back braking and not for profit, keeping an English heritage alive whiles saving and preserving 100s or rare variety’s of apple trees and the orchards fragile wildlife.
      You are more than welcome to come and see and I will personally give you a guided tour putting my money where my mouth is so to speak, if not shut the heck up and get back to mother you snivelling little ignoramus.

  5. Sorry, hadn’t realised we were living in a dictatorship just yet … There’s me thinking it was still a democracy – you know … where other people are still allowed their opinions and all that… Many artisan cider makers, such as the maker of Badger’s Spit have no intention of going mass market and selling via supermarkets and focus solely on their craft. They have large and loyal following and more importantly, manage to completely sell out without actually selling out … Not so stupid after all…

  6. Martyn Cornell,
    May I suggest that it is best to engage the brain before making comments on a subject that you clearly know nothing about?
    Thankfully, Paul and many other Artisan cider makers have NO interest in what supermarket buyers want on their shelves. Personally, I would complain if I saw Badger’s spit lined up with Pongbow, Wagners and the other chemically enhanced crap that the uneducated buy from supermarkets.
    Nobody forced you to look at that pump clip. If you find it offensive, the problem is yours and yours alone, Paul certainly does not have to defend himself to you!
    Now please, run along and get a life!
    Now run along and get a life.

  7. You know, no-one’s actually said that the clip (or the name) is offensive, so it’s not really necc. to protest so much that it isn’t. Perhaps it’s this kind of name that helps keep these products in their small world. Is that a bad thing? It doesn’t sound very appetizing to me, but I guess the afficionado either sees past that, or positively relishes the daft name. And as long as there are enough of them buying these quirkily named products to make the maker a living, that’s fine. In which case it’s not bad marketing is it? It’s a niche thang.

    But they’re very touchy and defensive aren’t they, this cider lot? I thought they were all super mellow in the west country.

  8. Its a brilliant name for a fine cider, and as of just today tickling the throats of the good drinkers of one of London’s best pubs, The Wenlock Arms, and non-arguably, the CAMRA London Pub of the year, The Hope in Carshalton. The name has gone down very well with these chaps. And of course, has zero to do with the badger cull, in the same way the “Singing Cider” from the same farm doesn’t woo you lyrically. Although it depends on how much you drink with that one.

  9. Its a brilliant name for a mighty fine cider, and as of today is tickling the throats of arguably London’s best pub, The Wenlock Arms, and less up for debate CAMRA’s best pub of the year, The Hope in Carshalton. The good chaps at these lovely watering holes approve of the name. Of course it has nothing to do with the badger cull, in the same way the “Singing Cider” from the same farm does not woo you lyrically. Not until the second pint anyway.

  10. Well thank you Dan, never had any moaners and critics before, but what do you expect from a poncy load of stringy beer makers and drinkers, there all chemical gas and ass.

    These people cant understand the words keeping a tradition alive and not for profit, all they can do is think of greedy profiteering at our environments expense.
    These people forget that we are true yeoman’s of England, we are the most welcoming and friendly of the shires, but when they insult and threaten us we rapidly become there worst enemy.

  11. Any chance the ‘orignal’ idea was to call it ‘Badgers Piss’ but someone wimped out and thought ‘Spit would be more acceptable? insert smiley face here

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