Sea Goat Brewing -“I Blew A Bear”

I Blew A Bear Brewing “Sea- Goat Blueberry Sweet Porter.”

Hello, pumpclip parade – is a big fan! I just found this via new Swedish microbrewery SeaGoat Brewing – not a pumpclip but a label, but I thought it was still worth sending in as it is perhaps the most staggeringly inappropriate and explicit beer label I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something. Enjoy! Or rather, you probably won’t. See for more atrocities form the brewery.

Best,Henrik OrnebringLondon Beer Blog

3 thoughts on “Sea Goat Brewing -“I Blew A Bear””

  1. I thought “We have made a blueberry porter. We should call it ‘I blew a bear’ because puns are fun and drawing people sucking bearcock is even more fun!”

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