Fallen Angel Brewery

Fallen Angel Brewery. It’s very hard to work out the beer’s name. It must be something like “raised-a-catholic brewer’s sex fantasy.”

For the full horror of this brewery’s pumpclips visit their website.
I rather like “smiling woman in her knickers about to shoot dogs.” Make mine a pint.

6 thoughts on “Fallen Angel Brewery

  1. we may have our winner I did’t know there so much sub porn bad clip art available. I know times are tough but surely a competiton at the local school would throw up better labels than this.It’s like a truckers cab roof of bad erotica

  2. Per the website, this is Naughty Nun.

    Their “Kama Sumatra” is “perfect for drinking in any position!!!!!”. My aching sides.

  3. is this one an attempt to get people to cycle to church? looks like somewhere to park your bike.

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