Brewdog – Sense of Humour Failure.

11 thoughts on “Brewdog – Sense of Humour Failure.”

  1. As the humour level is about on a par with a Daily Star soccer game related headline you might expect it to be up my street. It isn’t though. Isn’t it time we defined our relationship with the hun beyond beating them in 2 world wars and concentrate on the fact we beat them at footie in ’66?

  2. Cookie, if you are going to adopt a (bizarrely selective considering some of your blog posts) pc tone, it’s probably best not to immediately evoke stereotypes.

    Chippy sorts from the north, indeed..

  3. this is just rotten really, shepherds neame has run this strand of humour into the ground their past anmes have been quirky annoying so but quirky none the less this is just childish. Sure they believe all publicity is good but you can only be rebellous and cool for a short time as witnessed by the Iggy pop he just looks sad in the recent insurance ads. All for humour but this joke isn’t funny anymore.

  4. it was named to counter the brewery that out ABV’d their beer Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

    A German brewery produced a higher gravity beer called, wait for it…BISMARCK.

    Hence their ‘bigger’ beer was then called SINK THE BISMARCK, no racism just banter between breweries.

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