Brewdog “Front Brew”

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  1. Yeh is that to do with front magazine? If so then I imagine they are more to blame and probably said ‘its gota have tits on the bottle’, to which brewdog replied ‘whatever, as long as we can make the beer however we want.’

    fingers crossed.

    where did you find this beer?

  2. “Most Real Ale branding seems to be done in some ‘twisted vacuum, devoid of taste and logic’ (Tony Naylor, The Guardian). Cringe-worthy sexual references, out-dated clichés cringe, and grimace inducing design sadly dominate real ale branding. Contrast this to craft beer’s slick packaging which is both relevant and charismatic …” (

    Physician, heal thyself.

  3. It seems James is being economical with the truth here. This beer was announced on the brewdog blog, though the post has been removed.

  4. That is just terrible. Really bad. I’m not surprised that Brewdog are trying to distance themselves from it. If I were Brewdog, and Front Magazine did design the label, then I wouldn’t be happy, as it clearly breaches the codes of the Portman Group

    /quote: (d) suggest any association with
    sexual success.

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