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  1. This particular pump clip, is not offensive, we have seen worse in pubs and pass through our company, a lot of which we turn away.

    There are a lot worse gimmicks/ adverts being used, so to get all heated up over this, is just typical and if anything gives all of us woman a bad reputation, by moaning about sexism.

    Some of us ladies do have a sense of humour, and to get offended over something this tame…well

  2. The pump clip features a cartoon blonde wearing a bikini, and rather more naffly, a jaunty red bow tie. It was feared that women in the bar might find this offensive.

    Really? Offensive?

    Come on.

    Sad, unimaginative, disappointing in that ‘is this really where we still are?’ way, yes.

    Slightly sick making that our MPs have been spending £2.70 for the hilarious jape of saying “I’ll have some er, snigger, Top Totty, fnaar fnaaar, hey, what!! Did you hear that, I said I’ll have some Top Totty!”, yes.

    What’s offensive is that in a country where only 17% of top jobs are held by women, the thing the Shadow Equalities Minister gets in the press for is a crappy pump clip.

    I don’t really expect much from a beer made by someone so intellectually stunted that they think that calling a beer Top Totty (because it’s blonde, ha ha) is a good idea. I wouldn’t buy it for that reason. Rubbish pump clips lead me to expect rubbish beer. It’s simply f***wittage for a business to market their product in a way that’s likely to alienate their fastest growing customer group. I hope beer Darwinism does for ’em.

    1. Keep pouring scorn and heaping scathing remarks, really, it’s working a treat for Slaters – nothing like a bit of free advertising to boost ale sales! I would add, get a life and sense of humour, but deaf ears and all that…..

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