5 thoughts on “Bank Top Brewery – “Old Slapper”

  1. “I don’t care about your ‘industry standards’ or ‘best practice’: I said build me a website entirely in Flash with non-discretionary music.”

  2. Yes, well website design is a whole other mash tun of Isinglass! Comes down to this old problem of” will this do” presentation small brewers go for. Simple clean clear websites are very easy to get nowdays.

  3. This beer has been appearing in one of the pubs I frequent. It appears under a new pumpclip that is, if anything, worse. I shall endeavour t get a picture.

  4. jeff there’s abroken facebook gadget on the home page I moved it down the page didn’t delete it but thought we should practice what we “preach” doesn’t work on IE or chrome on my machine

  5. This has had a few variations over the years, but the “Old” bit is not to be taken literally. In Bolton, home of Bank Top, the term “old slapper” can be used in regards to any woman, regardless of age. It’s almost like a double insult.

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