Pumpclip Parade Maintenance

PCP is currently getting an overhaul.

This has been prompted by a bug which caused corruptions to many of the images on the site.

Unless a workaround can be found, this necessitates editing every post and individually re-uploading the images. Old posts with images will be re-appearing in due course. At present old posts still exist but the images have been removed.

We are editing all the images: cropping dead space and saving at 80% jpg – this should improve loading times. Many will be brightened at sharpened as necessary.

Also, we are adding copyright information to every image’s EXIF data. This includes a warning aimed specifically at The Sun which has already lifted one image.

If you have a desperate need to see an old post to, for instance, settle a pub argument, or to illustrate to a brewer the sort of thing not to do, please email PCP and that post will be prioritised.

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