Greene King Seasonal Clunkers

AlePril Fool eh? Just who – I want names – gets any humour from this tortuous crock of punning shit?

Skinner’s Brewery – “Ginger Tosser”

Here’s an abomination from Skinner’s  Brewery – “Ginger Tosser”. Curiously, it would easy to conclude that some ginger had been tossed in the brew but, no, it’s “made with Cornish honey.” Curioser, the cartoon chap appears to be wielding a frying pan. Presumably this is to suggest the tossing of […]

Warwickshire Beer Company – “Ffiagra”

“Ffiagra” by Warwickshire Beer Company. Thanks to Ed Wray of http://edsbeer.blogspot.com/ for the image (2010). Thanks also to Jonny Robins for the updated image (2017).


World’s campest dog gets beer named in his honour

World campest dog get’s beer named in his honour Originally uploaded by bltphotoThought we’d have an example of good practice for a change. Also gives me a chance to big up one of the most pampered pooches around! Naming beers after dogs has a long pedigree with dogs and pubs […]


Jesus Christ!

Apparently this campaign was run the state of Meghalaya in India which is 70% Christian. By all accounts it didn’t go down too well.


Shep’s Legendary “Bottle of Britain” Campaign.

A selection from the book of Shepherd Neame’s legendary “Bottle of Britain” campaign. Should you wish to see the whole set, the book is available from their giftshop priced at £5.00.


Dog Piss?

Would you name your proudly crafted beer “Dog Piss”? Would you want to drink a beer called “Dog Piss”? Guilty as charged: bringing beer into disrepute. Send them down. Not sure what the brewery is. If anyone knows please comment so I can name and shame.

Brewdog – Sense of Humour Failure.

The Brewdog boys are competing with a German brewery to produce the world’s strongest beer. Brewdog’s latest offering is “Sink the Bismarck”. The reference is of course to the German battleship the plucky Brits sank in 1942. If you are tempted to have a snigger at the name of the […]