Salamander Brewery – “Trouser Trumpet”

———- Forwarded message ———- From: David W. Bailey Date: 2009/11/19 Subject: Trouser Trumpet To: I do sometimes wonder if the objection to a little bit of fun with beer names etc is being a bit square….plus, one persons classy advertising is crass to somebody else. I know some people […]


Beazelbub’s Achin’ Wombat Gueuze

Here’s a link to a name generator for American microbrews. “Beazelbub’s Achin’ Wombat Gueuze” was our first attempt. Is it possible that there’s a similar name generator for UK real ales?


Carry On Beer Drinking?

Found you this little bundle of joy from Skinny Blonde – they use thermochromic ink that makes the bikini disappear as the beer warms up……class [JP: not really real-ale but if it puts beer in general in a bad light it’s worth including. Thanks]


Hart Brewery

       Hi Jeff, Pump Clip Parade is a great idea.  I’m sure you’ve seen these already, but Hart Brewery would appear to be the biggest offenders of the lot, and I’ve attached a bunch.  Their (horrific) site is here : The “Squirrel’s Hoard” clip in particular boggles […]

Tiresome T-shirts at the GBBF

Why doesn’t CAMRA just tell them to stop this? It’s just NOT FUNNY. Alcohol played a significant role in killing these people.


Oh Please!!: Coney Island “Albino Python”

Oh Please! Originally uploaded by bltphoto This is doubly (dubbely seen as it’s a beer!) poor throughout tortured visual pun Tick pneumatic babe tick shame as the art work is reminiscent of Bryan Talbot of Luther Arkwright fame. Seem to remember that beer was ok though.